Home. I love that word.  It’s about as comfortable as flannel pajamas.  I guess that’s how and where most of us start and end our day.

I was told to start a blog to promote myself and eventually my book. Hopefully, gathering enough ‘followers’ who would be interested in what I had to say.  That is soooo far from my homey, comfort zone I have nausea just writing it. I don’t think I’m that interesting as my lack of Facebook postings probably indicate.

I don’t have any come back story to deem myself a hero.  I can’t lay claim to any Olympic medal.  I’m just a middle-age housewife, who recently became ‘hooked’ on trying new things.  That’s what this blog is about.  Getting out of the house, my comfort zone and into something new…

New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year rang in I was fast asleep, but the next morning my resolutions were in motion.  After a brief, mental review of last year’s list I decided to just recycle these into a list for this year…I was stuck in a box of good intentions. Resolutions, whether they are a result of a habitual New Year’s custom, driven by the thoughts of fair-weather clothing or even a conscious effort to put more vegetables into your diet, sound great but are only words.  A date on the calendar is a commitment for me. So I guess…I’ve resolved to date!

Rascal writing my novel.

Rascal writing my novel.

What motivates you? Who motivates you?  Where do you want to be next New Year’s? I love listening to other people’s stories and draw inspiration from them. This is my a blog dedicated to inspiring, motivating and committing to getting out of just a good idea and into a great reality.



Resolutions to put on my calendar…

  • Recycled-½ Marathon-I need to kick this to the curb after a failed attempt. I trained wrong and my IT-band tightened up.  But I’ve regrouped, retrained and will re-try!
  • Recycled -again. Think of creative words to express my frustrations
  • New-Teach the dog to write my book
  • New-Compete in a bike race
  • Volunteer
  • Help my junior daughter research colleges
Me...trying to think of what to do next!

Me…trying to think of what to do next! Actually, it’s a photo of me before a Viking-Packer game at the Dome.  Once again, I bought the beer!

It’s a start…what’s your “Try”? Get out of your box and into your ‘Try’.



2 Responses to Home

  1. Paula Riley says:

    Congrats, Chris ~ I’ll check in and see what you’re writing about. Hope this is a big smash … and keep after that book!

  2. Rochelle DeSarle says:

    Chris, Congratulations on your new blog my amazing friend, you truly inspire me! You are always ready for anything with a beautiful smile on your face! I am looking forward to reading/seeing where your adventures take you!

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